Jean Mutchie

Experience Matters as we Move to City Council Districts

There is no denying that Nampa is growing, and it creates complex demands and needs. That growth has also ushered in City Council races that will now be determined by district, and experience matters this November.

Nampa City Council is primarily responsible and accountable for budget oversight that addresses growth, infrastructure demands, public safety and being a liaison between constituents and the decisions made on the bench.

Understanding the varied needs of multiple voices across Nampa will be important as new Council members are seated. The ability to represent the localized needs of district constituents will have to be balanced with the broader needs of a community with resources that have to be stretched to address City-wide demands.

As a former Nampa City Council member, I am endorsing Margie Potter for District 6. Margie has regularly attended Council meetings for the last seven years, understands the challenge of stretching limited resources to meet our public safety and infrastructure needs, all with the fiscally conservative approach important to Nampa residents.

Nampa stands for principled, conservative leadership, and Margie Potter’s experience makes her the best candidate for District 6 and the City of Nampa.

Jean Mutchie
Nampa resident
Former Nampa City Council Member