Stephanie Bridgeo

October 6, 2023

Dear Nampa Constituents of Nampa District 6,

I confidently recommend Margie Potter for the city council of Nampa District 6 seat. I had the privilege to work alongside Margie for over 6 years at The Salvation Army and was so impressed with her commitment to community engagement and development skills, that I recruited her for my executive team. 

Margie’s proven record of community service and involvement makes her the perfect candidate to represent the constituents of District 6. Her deep love and passion for Nampa are genuine and contagious. She has the capacity to see issues at an elevated level and provides solutions that are effective and lasting. I am most proud of her tenacity on a housing project we worked on together that affected hundreds of families and gave them the opportunity to go from unhoused to stability. 

Margie has the passion, drive, experience, integrity, and connections to enact meaningful change. Her capacity to build relationships and rally people together to enact change makes her a perfect fit for this position. I fully endorse her as the representative of District 6 and recommend all residents of that district offer her support as she will be diligent in representing your needs and concerns with the utmost care and concern. 


Stephanie Bridgeo

Former Executive Director

The Salvation Army Caldwell